Andes Long Sleeve Flannel- Roark

Značka: Roark
3 900 Kč
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A cozy, hearty overshirt inspired by the spine of South America—the mighty Andes mountains.

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  • Heavyweight Brushed Flannel Overshirt
  • Beautiful Native American Pattern
  • 2 Lower Handwarmer Pockets
  • 2 Chest Pockets with Faux Horn Artifacts Buttons
  • Snap Front Closure
  • Classic Longsleeve Fit
  • Materials: 72% Polyester 28% Rayon

The Artifacts of Adventure

Every season the collection is inspired by stories, culture, climate, people and local textiles from travels to a different point on the map. The chase for Roark began out of a desire to tell stories born of adventure and discovery in the form of a man - he’s the bar-brawling adventurer that disappears into Mexico for six months camping, only to surface in Paris drinking Bordeaux with a diplomat’s daughter. Each season we find Roark in a different part of the world, telling stories of his exploits within our product, on social platforms and in a printed book at retail. Inspired by the culture and climate of Roark’s destination, we produce two collections per year of clothing, luggage and trinkets - the artifacts of adventure. The product and stories we create empower people to discover self through authentic, irreverent, dangerous and purposeful adventure on the road less traveled.

Vytvořil Shoptet | Design

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