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Who would imagine that socks made with bamboo yarn would be the most comfy in your drawer? Everything that cotton, polyester and wool do, bamboo does better.


It has a natural component called "bamboo kun" that provides great antibacterial power, it absorbs almost twice as much moisture as cotton, controls the temperature and prevents irritation due to its high breathability.


It is part of "TRENDSPLANT GREEN LABEL" since you can grow the same amount of bamboo as cotton in 10% less land and without the need for irrigation to grow, it is the fastest growing plant on earth.


These socks are made in Portugal, with a main composition in bamboo (al least 80%), decorated with polyamide and a bit of nylon/elastane for the perfect stretch to your leg.


Padded sole and heel for extra cushion, reducing impact and preventing blisters.

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Ponožky Bamboo Athletic

  • 20% Bambus
  • 80% Polyamid
  • 100% Vyrobeno v Portugalsku
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