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Train travel has always been more than just getting from A to B. Whether fast or slow, steam or electric, a journey by train sparks a special kind of romance for the cast of characters brought together by chance and circumstance. It is also one of the only modes of transportation that allows you to truly unwind and get lost in the breathtaking scenery unfolding outside. While on board, one will find that countries and people open up in a way that is specific to train travel. The sense of time and space become clearer and sharper as one passes between villages, cities, and states, rivers weaving and mountains rising like markers along the way. Taking a seat by the window, travelers are granted the luxury of going nowhere, while going everywhere, with a front-row ticket to the theatre of bustling cities in the morning, Australia’s outback at sunset, and the extraordinary first sights of Siberia’s lakes or Canada’s snow-capped Rockies. Whether traveling by bullet train from Shanghai to Beijing in just over four hours, or traversing a diversity of landscapes on the 45-hour ride, from the bayous of Louisiana to Los Angeles, passing New Mexico’s purple sage and giant cacti, taking the West Highland Line with its magical views of Scotland’s rugged natural beauty, lochs, and sweeping glens, or boarding the commuter train that curves around the Côte d’Azur, that has no glitz and glamour, but reveals the region’s best-kept secrets—Epic Train Journeys introduces some of the highest, fastest, longest, and most historic trains in the world, allowing readers to rediscover not just a magical mode of travel, but terrains that are otherwise hard to access, and occasionally places one rarely dares to venture. A new generation of explorers is on board, too, with the boundless possibilities of rail travel, with many favoring it as an alternative to flying.

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Format: 22 × 29 cm

Features: Full color, hardcover, 288 pages

Gestalten nadále aktivně přetváří způsob, jakým přistupujeme k publikování. S naší širokou nabídkou titulů se snažíme nejen zlepšit a obohatit životy našich čtenářů, ale neustále se zapojovat do okolní tvůrčí krajiny.

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