Gestalten Let´s Play Outdoors

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A book that encourages children to go play outside and discover what nature has to offer.

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Leave the house and roam outdoors: It is a fascinating place, waiting to be conquered by little ones with curious minds. Whether in the garden, park, or a nearby forest, a closer look at nature will draw out budding architects, their first constructions built from stones, branches, and leaves. A thorough investigation of trees will reveal all kinds of insects; and listening to animals will teach their sounds. Let’s Play Outdoors! is for a new generation of environmentally conscious children, showing them how to interact with their surroundings in a meaningful way. The suggested activities inspire independent learning about animals, plants, and the weather, as well as how to look after the world. Authors: Catherine Ard Release date: March 2020 Format: 21 × 26 cm Features: Full Color, Hardcover, stitch bound, 56 pages ISBN: 978-3-89955-843-2 Catherine Ard has written and edited many craft books for children. She lives in Bristol with her family, where their little dog, Annie sleeps at her feet while she is working. Australian illustrator Carla McRae is living and working in Melbourne. Her work covers editorial, publishing, and branding. She also likes to design socks and paints large-scale mural projects. Researcher Polly Jarman has worked for many years with young people through environmental education and outdoor activity projects. This book has been printed in Germany. FSC™️ (Forest Stewardship Council™️) Certified.

Gestalten nadále aktivně přetváří způsob, jakým přistupujeme k publikování. S naší širokou nabídkou titulů se snažíme nejen zlepšit a obohatit životy našich čtenářů, ale neustále se zapojovat do okolní tvůrčí krajiny.

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