Body Perfect Burgundy - Girls Without Clothes

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Body je bez zapínání a má spodek do brazilského střihu a hezky tvaruje zadek. Ramínka jsou řešena pruženkami. Skvěle se hodí k teplákům Home. Nosit ho můžeš i jako plavky. Zahal se do rajcovní bordó!

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95% bavlna

5% elastan

We are a Czech streetwear brand that started by photographing naked girls, but now we wear them rather than the other way around. We sew, dye and print most of our clothes, everything is locally made, which is our first priority. But it's not the clothes that bring us together. It's a shared passion for a way of life. We live in cities, but we have the mountains and the ocean in our hearts. We are driven by a desire for freedom in all its forms and the drive to constantly push the limits. We love living on the edge, even knowing that we will occasionally fall off that edge.

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