Hell or High Water Candle - Bradley Mountain

590 Kč
Hell or High Water Candle Svíčka s tóny tmavého rumu, naplaveného dřeva a vanilky. Vydrží hořet přes 40hodin! Objem: 237ml

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Our newest line candles are as made in-house as humanly possible! The label artwork was designed by our very own craftsman, Andrew Nguyen and every candle was mixed and hand-poured in our flagship store. This candle was made in collaboration with Manready Mercantile.

Being based in San Diego, the ocean truly surrounds our everyday lives. Whether it be the smell of the ocean mist or the winter dawn patrol sessions, we're constantly drawn to her depths. Here's our ode to the ocean.

  • Notes: Dark Rum, Driftwood, Smoked Vanilla
  • Diameter: 3 in
  • Height: 3 in
  • Approx. Net Wt: 7 oz 
  • Burn time: 40+ hours
  • Phthalate Free
  • Made in USA
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