Surfboard Yellow Sunshine- Chapter Surfcraft

18 900 Kč –20 %
Surf Sunshine yellow - Chapter Surfcraft
18 900 Kč –20 % 15 120 Kč
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MODEL > Butter knife
6’8” x 20 3/4" x 2 3/4"
A fast versatile surfboard that likes to be surfed high on the face and deep in the barrel. It can turn with ease, maintain speed through flat sections and drive through deep barrels. This board has a flat deck, bevelled top with 60/40 rails with a slight tuck leading to a hard edge towards the tail with 'hidden' volume enabling effortless glide into waves. Can be enjoyed in two-to-eight-foot waves.

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  • 6+6-ounce glassing on top and 6-ounce glassing on the bottom
  • Twin fin
  • Future fin boxes
  • Hand shaped
  • Resin tint colour
Vytvořil Shoptet | Design