Surf Like a Girl

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Whether they’re threading a barrel or shredding a swell, these amazing women are making enormous waves in the world of surfing.

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If you thought surfing was a male-dominated sport, think again. The thirty women surfers profiled in this thrilling collection can rip a wave with the best of them. Hailing from all over the world, each surfer is featured in spectacular photography and with their own inspirational words. There’s American professional surfer Lindsay Steinriede on how her father’s death has inspired her career; French board shaper Valerie Duprat on how she got her start “sculpting foam”; Conchita Rossler, founder of Mooana Retreat in Portugal, on connecting mind, body, and spirit; and activist Leah Dawson on empowering women. You’ll also meet surfers who are over sixty, who surf while pregnant, who captain boats, teach yoga, and make movies. Breathtaking photography captures these women from every angle, on and off the waves, in some of the world’s most visually stunning locations. The perfect gift for surfing enthusiasts, this unique compilation of stunning pictures and hard-won wisdom proves that the thrill of catching a wave, riding it, and kicking out belongs to everyone.

Hardcover, 256 pages, 24,0 x 30,0 cm, 280 color illustrations

Carolina Amell is a graphic designer specializing in contemporary visual culture

Prestel Publishing je jedním z předních světových vydavatelů v oblasti umění, architektury, fotografie a designu.

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