Tess Top Olive & Army - Nunui Bali

Značka: Nunui Bali
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exclusive soft lycra collection
comfortable fit
reversible olive and army green lycra multi functional top
adjustable, can be worn many creative ways
perfect for sunbaking
mix and match with Zoe and Tess bottom

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First off, chasing the right size is essential for bikini to fit perfectly therefore, if you are unsure, don’t hesitate to contact us for further help!

Nunui Bali bikinis run a little smaller, we offer 3 sizes S, M and L but others like XL or XS can be backordered.
We recommend to buy bikinis that fit snug because all materials stretch in the water and during repeated use.

If you usually wear XS or S than S would be your size to go for.
If you are sometimes S and sometimes M than M would be your choice…etc.

Also depending on the style and what you going to use our bikinis mainly for.
If you are using bikinis for sports than you definitely need a size that is tight so that they don’t fall off. On the other hand beach/pool/sunbaking use doesn’t necessarily require that. Some of our styles are with adjustable string on sides or back so that gives you bigger range to adjust.

Due to the fact that bikinis are intimate goods we no longer offer returns or exchanges due to the wrong sizing.


SIZE    BRA SIZE    BUST        WAIST        HIPS    

S         A-B            80-85        58-64        83-89
M        B-C            86-90        65-71        90-96
L         C-D            91-95        72-78        97-103

Nunui Bali is handmade bikini and lounge wear brand made by local people from local materials in beautiful island of Bali. We care about the quality and fair trade.
By supporting our brand you support the local people and they are beyond grateful especially during these uncertain times. Terima kasih x

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