Wild Child - Adventure Cooking With Kids

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Wild Child - Adventure Cooking With Kids
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Wild Child is a playbook for cooking up kid-friendly adventures and food on your next camping trip, in your own backyard, or as far away as your imagination can take you. From buccaneering pirates to kid's camp with crafts, you learn how to build a fire pit, cook fish on a string, or popcorn in a can, and even bake a cake in a Dutch oven.

Discover more than 120 pages filled with exciting suggestions on topics of fire making, fishing, and camping, plus countless recipes designed to be enjoyed both at home and out in the wild. 

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"Whether you are on an adventure in the outback or your back garden, Wild Child is the book you need in your rugsack." - Gordon Ramsay

"I'm lucky enough to have had Sarah cook for my kids and I. There are few other exceptional foodie experiences that come close to this." - Bill Granger

"The teaching of young people to enjoy and learn and practice sustainable living, healthy eating habits, family farming, and the organic growing of fruits and vegetables is Sarah Glover's goal in this new and wonderful book, and I hope her message is carried far and wide. Our children deserve to know." - Martha Stewart

Prestel · 2021 · pevná · 144 stran 

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