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RASPBERRY BUTTER 15+ SPF - 150 ml - Amazinc Skincare

RASPBERRY BUTTER 15 SPF - 150 ml - Amazinc Skincare
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Kód produktu:raspberry-butter-amazinc-skincare
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A unique blend of vegetable oils, shea butter and oat flour that regenerates, moisturizes and restores skin while leaving a protective barrier against the sun. Oats (OAT LIPID E), thanks to its rich ceramide content, gives this oil highly regenerative properties, helping to smooth wrinkles and unify the skin. Raspberry oil and Rose oil help reduce the negative effects of sun exposure, prevent water loss and help slow skin ageing. Last but not least, the presence of Tamanu Oil and Oat Flour, by their nature, ensures that skin prone to acne and atopic eczema will be protected from adverse environmental influences and the probiotic microorganisms on the skin will be in harmony with the human body.

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