Sambac & Cedar - Incense Cones - wxy.

Značka: wxy.
690 Kč

20 sambac & cedar fragranced incense cones in a branded wxy concrete box. each product contains a brass plate to burn your incense cone in. re-use the concrete box after all you cones have been used to store odds and ends or for as a soap dish.

directions: place cone in the brass plate provided. light the tip of the cone using a match or a lighter then blow out the flame after about 10-15 seconds. the cone will then burn for around 15 minutes.

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  • 20 fragranced incense cones
  • Concrete branded box
  • Brass holder to light incense cone
  • With Each Purchase Of A WXY. Product We Donate 3% Of Profits To A Charitable Organisation Or Project.


Our hand poured UK made products contain no animal derived materials or parabens. We use recyclable materials wherever possible and virtually no plastics. For a great, clean burning results, we use a 100% plant based wax, which is palm free.

We design our fragrances to evoke states of mind and unspoken sensations that only smell can communicate. Our aesthetic is clear and simple, looks good in any room and lets the smells do the talking.

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