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MINERAL SUNSCREEN 30+ SPF - 150 ml - Amazinc Skincare

Blocking UVA / UVB Also suitable for children (0+) NON-NANO (Reef Safe) Contains probiotically active substances Suitable for dry/combination skin type Vegan
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Kód produktu:mineral-sunscreen-30-amazinc-skincare
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150 ml of Mineral Sunscreen. Cream in texture makes our Mineral Sunscreen easy to apply all over your body. Tan on the beach? Hike in the hills? Slashy day under mountain sun? Any of these situations and many more can be handled with SPF 30 Amazinc! Mineral sun screen. Suitable for vegans. We have successfully impletented new technology in a field of mineral UV protection "Viewless ZinCare" Safe UV filters and provide cosmetic with protection against photo-aging and other benefits of zinc oxide, such as anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties. It goes without saying that it is NON NANO and UNCOATED. Zinc oxide products are specifically tailored to deliver distinct UVA/UVB protection and transparency levels: Natural Photostable Non-Penetrating AMAZINC! Mineral Sunscreen provides high protection for your skin. Using only mineral filters and natural ingredients we have developed functional and nature friendly form of Sun protection. Packed in 100% recyclable aluminium bottle ensures close to no weight and no spill in your luggage while traveling.

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